Deli Ops 101 – recipe costing and more

Recipe costing with a view! We are hosting a diverse group from all over the country as we return to in person gatherings. I am delighted to meet these smart and creative people that have put aside their busy jobs to spend the week with us.

Acqua Hotel, Mill Valley is the most ideal spot to host Deli Ops 101. After 2 of the most challenging years in the food service industry, folks have traveled from all over the country to sit with this view and learn new skills to help them take their food service departments to the next level.

We are spending today learning about production planning and how to wisely analyze movement reports. Next up, the importance of recipe costing and setting the right retail price to achieve a healthy margin. With cost of goods continuing to rise, I recommend starting your pricing at 75% margin. You will need to adjust each product as you aim to achieve a 67% overall margin. I am teaching variable margin strategy a topic I am extremely passionate about. I am excited to work with new clients on inventory management and recipe costing. Please contact me to discover how I can help your business battle rising costs. I specialize in inventory management, recipe costing and margin/ food cost analysis for restaurants and retail businesses.

Due to the success of this event, we are planning our next installation of Deli Ops 101 for spring 2023. Stay tuned for our event announcement and see how our team can support your operation at

Acqua Hotel Mill Valley

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