It’s thyme for a tip…saving time with egg salad

fresh-eggs-kitchen-clock-p954-4809_zoomQuick tip of the day:

Making egg salad, and deviled eggs for that matter, can simultaneously make your customer base extremely happy and your staff extremely sad.  Anyone that has ever stood over 30 dozen  hard boiled eggs with the task of peeling them perfectly knows what i am talking about.  To save time and ensure a consistent product, many food service operations have moved into buying peeled hard boiled eggs.  There are some good quality options out there including organic and some companies are making them available in sizes that work for large commercial kitchens.  Talk to your distributors to see what you can find.

Once the eggs are all peeled, they still need to be cut into small pieces to make egg salad.  For moderate sized batches using a Vollrath Insta-Cut Dicer with a 1/2″ blade or larger will work quite nicely.  However, when making larger quantities of egg salad, toss all of your hardboiled eggs  into your Hobart mixer with the flat blade attachment.  Turn it on low and slow until eggs are broken into large chunks.  Then add the rest of your ingredients and mix until done.  This saves an unbelievable amount of time for those of you that have made your egg salad recipe somewhat of a staple in your community and have watched the batches grow to unbelievable yields.  

That’s all the thyme i have today for tips and tricks.  Check back again for more recipes, stories and other tidbits.

Until next time, enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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  1. This is a cool suggestion! Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I can’t wait to try these out and make make customer base both happy and stuffed full of egg salad! It’s egg salad thyme!

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