Everything Changes

In day to day operations, we encounter an endless stream of changes.  Food service requires us to think on our feet and be extremely flexible to the inevitable changes that come our way.  On any given day we may find that we need to substitute an ingredient because of a distributor out of stock, amend a recipe method due to a broken piece of equipment, and sometimes even create a dish out of thin air as a result of a never-ending stream of possible scenarios.  Does this sound familiar?  If you work in a kitchen then most likely your answer is YES.

Unfortunately, none of these changes can be made without a butterfly effect wreaking havoc on our operation. For example, changing one ingredient can cause changes to be necessary in ingredient signage, POS stickers and labels, menus advertised on your website, and don’t forget kitchen staff, they will need to know about all ingredient changes!  Too many times, I went through the process of trying to remember all the steps to take when making changes. Eventually, i  created a handy dandy little poster to hang in the office to help  remember everything I didn’t want to forget.  Here it is: no small change poster, Check it out, feel free to change it and recreate it so that it is customized to your specific needs.  Hopefully, it will help you as much as it did me. If you happen to be the one lucky food service manager that doesn’t have an endless stream of changes to paddle through daily, i would love to hear from you and learn all of your secrets!  Thanks for reading, and until next time remember:

“Everything passes, everything changes.  Just do what you think you should do.”  Bob Dylan

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